Celia Yoran

Celia grew up in Charlotte, and attended St. Matthew Catholic Church with her family until she was a junior in high school. While she grew up in the Catholic Church, it wasn’t until she attended Youth Group with a friend that she understood the meaning of salvation through Christ. By the time she left for UNC Chapel Hill, Celia knew that she wanted to take her faith seriously and make the Lord the center of her life.

Since marrying David in 2003, Celia has always been involved in ministry with him. They started out doing Youth Ministry together, and Celia went on to lead many small groups and Bible Studies, disciple young women, and be involved in many ministries of the church. Celia has always had a passion for people and for multicultural ministry-long before she knew it was a thing! Her life and work experience has led her to be around people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. She enjoys traveling, gardening, and the arts. With 6 kids, lots of animals, and recently going back to work as a counselor, Celia cherishes the quiet moments that she can find to be alone with her Bible. Though surprised that the Lord led her back to Charlotte, she is thankful for the opportunity that she has been given to be a part of the greater West Charlotte Community.

Ted Morgan